Video Production

Have a calmday and let us create the video content you need”


„There’s always a calm before the storm”

We did almost everything within the realm of video production so you are in good hands.

Video ads, Social Media content, TV commercials, music videos, events, kickstarter videos, HR, CSR ect.

We are covering small productions, and much larger projects which take into account the organizations of the full film set.

Lets breaking down the 3 stages of video production.


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…
it’s about learning how to dance not the rain.”

With proper preparation and thanks to years of experience, we are happy to go to the film set.

This is the most exciting part of film production and we are glad that you can take this journey with us.

The size of the film set and the number of people involved in it are determined according to real needs.

The experience gained from hundreds of productions allows us to calmly carry on to get the most out of the film set.


„Rise above the Storm and you will find the sunshine”

Once we have a greate footage, we enter the third and final stage of video creation.

Editing, colour grading & correction. Visual effects & Animation. Sound mixing & editing. Voiceover, VFX & music.

It’s a detailed process that involves many different services, skillsets and types of professional software, all working together to create a great final version of your video content.